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Crucifixion Hurts

No matter how you look at it…Crucifixion Hurts!

It hurt God to see Jesus hanging there.  To extinguish ALL of His righteous anger, wrath and punishment on His only Son.

It was painful for Jesus to be nailed to the cross.  Having already been beaten to the point of death, He clung to life understanding that the job He came to do had not been finished.

A man “lifted the weight of the Cross off Him, but the man did not know that it wasn’t the weight of the wood that bore Him down; it was the weight of the sins of the world that bore Him down…He was fastened to the Cross with these [nails]. But don’t think it was the nails that held Him; it was His love for us that …held Him to the Cross.” T.D. Jakes

It hurts us as well if we take to heart what is taught in Mark 8:34-35 and Romans 6:6.

Denying self…killing the flesh to bring new life to the spirit…Taking up our cross

This is often easier said than done.  The Christian life is far from easy and rightly so.  Continual sanctification only comes with sacrifice.  Recognizing our personal areas of weakness, confronting them, and pulling them up from the root will usually involve some level of anguish.  Don’t worry though…Jesus suffered for that too.  He took upon Himself every type of pain imaginable so we could have life, true life.

Each weed we pull from our personal garden can feel like each strand of hair that was ripped from Christ’s beard.  IT HURTS!

I thank God for the cross and all that it symbolizes.  Life/Death, Sin/Holiness, Love/Hate, Shame/Forgiveness, Evil/Truth.  I could not even pretend to understand the full impact of the cross but I know the cost was great…I was bought at a price.

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